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You have the opportunity to earn coins by logging in and playing games every day!

Here are the details of the PPGaming Pro weekly awards:

First Week Award: Earn 50P with a turnover of 10.
Second Week Award: Earn 80P with a turnover of 10.
Third Week Award: Earn 100P with a turnover of 10.
Fourth Week Award: Receive a valuable 299P internet card.

Each month consists of four weeks, and the rewards will vary for each week. To be eligible for these rewards, you need to achieve a total turnover of 300 on the entire platform.

After completing the above requirements, you can claim your daily coins in the login rewards section. Please note that you must manually claim the rewards, as failure to do so will be considered forfeiting them, and your consecutive login days will be interrupted.

Once you have completed seven consecutive login days and earned the daily rewards, take a screenshot as proof. Then, kindly visit the LIVE CHAT support and apply for the weekly rewards within the current month.

For the monthly reward of an “internet card,” it is important to note that the phone number used for recharge must match the phone number registered under your UID.

PPGAMING reserves the right to interpret the promotion, and all promotions must adhere to the terms and conditions stated on the official website.

Enjoy your daily login rewards and remember to claim them to make the most of your gaming experience at PPGaming Pro!

PPGAMING-You have the opportunity to earn coins by logging in and playing games every day!