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GoldRooster Lottery


Get Your Hands on the Golden Egg and Win Big in the GoldRooster Lottery: The best Game in PPGaming Pro for 2023


The Gold Rooster Lottery has the most winning balls and remarkable winning percentages. Begin the Gold Rooster Lottery “Golden Egg” randomly to obtain the egg and have fun capturing more money. The gold rooster lottery is a great lottery slot game honoring the Year of the Rooster. The New Year in the Chinese Calendar, known as the “Year of the Rooster,” begins on January 28, 2017, and ends on February 15, 2018. This is the “Fire Rooster” year, which does not occur again for another sixty years after 1957. According to legend, persons born in the Year of the Fire Rooster are dependable employees who seldom miss deadlines. Stop making excuses and start working on that Gold Rooster Lottery golden egg. Now is the moment to get your hands on the “Golden Egg” and start cashing in on the game’s ridiculously high victory rates.


Following each round, participants will be given a fresh set of four card sheets, each with a different set of fifteen numbers. Each winning ball is given a number between 1 and 60, and 35 are picked as winners. The player obtains the points if the card number is drawn as the winning number. Only the highest value is examined if numerous cards have the same identification number. The Golden Egg bonus round is randomly unlocked when specific points are accumulated. Four golden eggs will emerge on the screen, and you can select any of them. Each golden egg contains a gift ranging from 2x to 5x. Choose one and multiply your award by the number listed if you feel lucky. In addition, if you are unlucky enough to be disconnected while playing, the game will select the leftmost egg for you.

If you do not like the card number displayed, you may rapidly change it by using the button on the game’s simple interface (found in the screen’s bottom right corner). You can play the game up to 999 times by selecting the “auto” option. The player can speed up the game by pressing the light switch. You may vary your bet amount by moving a control bar at the display’s footer, which you can reach by clicking the plus and minus marks. Despite the game’s modest graphic style, it is adorned with sumptuous elements, such as a deep crimson backdrop. Suitable explanations might be found in the cultural meanings of red in China. Red is associated with long life, prosperity, pleasure, and celebration in Chinese culture. Even if you fail the game, the colorful and uplifting tracks featured on the soundtrack will keep you interested in playing.

Golden is a five-reel slot machine featuring a bonus round with a free games round and a gold rooster lottery. Regular gaming aims to get a winning symbol combination utilizing any of the 243 different wagering options. Your rewards are determined by the amount you risk and the number of symbols that match those you get. According to the idea, participants should obtain an average return of 97.222%. At any given moment, only one occurrence of every symbol can be used in a winning combination. The game may be played in three different dialects of Chinese: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English. You will also get the advantage of playing this game on your mobile device anywhere you go because it is internet-enabled. This might be your phone or table. It is also playable on mobile devices running the iOS or Android operating systems.

Players in the Gold Rooster Lotto can earn multipliers of up to 375 times their initial bets. There is a chance that sixty balls will be picked, but only 33 will be winners. The “Golden Egg” will be unlocked and ready for use if you reach specific points. If anything like this occurs, the amount of money you have a chance of receiving might rise by a factor of two to five. When many cards have the same identifying number, only the card with the most significant value is selected for further evaluation. After hitting a particular score level, the game allows players to engage in a bonus round dubbed the Golden Egg. Your potential winnings are primarily decided by the amount of risk you are willing to take and the number of symbols you obtain that match your stake.


Gold Rooster Lottery is one of the most lucrative arcade games you can play and one of the most enjoyable games overall because of its excellent return on investment. If everything goes as planned, members may expect an average return of 97.222% on their investments. A one-to-one correspondence exists between the number of symbols necessary to produce a winning combination and the number of times that combination will appear throughout the game. This game may be played in various languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Because it was meant to be played on mobile devices, you may engage in it whenever you want, from wherever you want, and still have the chance to win exciting rewards. Try it on PPGaming Pro Online Casino Now!